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Day to day life of 2nd street and Little Tokyo. Photography, release updates, and our locals who roam the street of the RIF block.


REE$E LA FLARE “10 Questions”


1. What’s new with Reese? Music, Tours, Fashion? Fill us in.

Just working on getting this Reese Vs the Universe album out and preparing for next year touring and stuff

2. You have a unique fashion sense. How would you describe your personal style and what are the influences that helped you to cultivate it?

My style is influenced by Skateboarding .. ive been skating for like 17 years now so that played a big role on my fashion .. along with traveling and just seeing different styles in the UK etc …

3. What other artists that are out right now are you listening to?

I really listen to myself alot hahah but i like 21 Savage , Young thug , Dae Dae , Nav out of the new guys and then just a bunch of old stuff

4. Favorite spots for food in LA?

Leos Taco truck , Marios Peruvian , The nice guy

5. Favorite LA skate spot?

Westchester skatepark , Jkwon and Santa monica Court house


6. On that note, apart from your music you are also known for your presence in the skateboarding community; so tell us, which came first, the skateboard? or the Mic? And how have both cultures impacted each other, creatively and otherwise?

The skateboarding came first and it put my in the postiton and places to meet certain people in that culture that liked the skateboard culture.. skating is driven by music , Both work together so the cultures a very close from fashion and so forth .. made me who i am

7. Donald Trump is the President of The United States. How do you feel about that?

Fuck Donald !!!

8. Any upcoming collabs in the works?

Yeah a gang of stuff you will see soon enough .. i dont like to tell people until its time

9. Talk to me about your writing process. Do you start with lyrics, and then look for the right instrumental? Or, do you look for a beat that inspires the right words from your pen?

Once i hear the beat i go in and start recording .. i freestyle everything . Its all about how i feel in that moment

10. Where do you see yourself five years from now?

On Top of the world lol

Photography : Matt Plunkett
Questions : Rob Russell